Inviter ses amis FaceBook sur Google Plus

Voici quelques astuces pour récupèrer ses amis de FaceBook dans sa liste de contacts pour les insérer dans Google Plus.
Cette façon de faire n’est pas du goût de FaceBook, qui a l’air de bloquer les adresse mails dans la liste de ses amis. Donc à vous de tester :


  1. Sign up for a Yahoo! Mail account, and import all of your Facebook contacts. Click “Contacts” at the top, and then “Import Contacts”. Authorize Facebook access to your Yahoo! address book.
  2. Log in to Google Plus (http://plus.google.com) and navigate to your “Circles” (https://plus.google.com/circles).
  3. Click “Find and Invite”, and then click Yahoo! Import your Facebook friends to the “Suggestions” section.
  4. Drag everyone into the appropriate circles


Un plugin ici

 0 - Make sure you are logged into http://m.facebook.com, you must be logged in for it to work. After you log in, go back to http://facebook.com
 1 - Must have English version of Facebook for this to work (you can switch)
 2 - Do not enable SSL for Facebook use HTTP not HTTPS
 3 - If you need any help running this, contact me. Commenting below will be lost.
 4 - An "Export" button will appear on Facebooks toolbar after refresh once installed.
 5 - Please disable all Facebook Extensions that you have downloaded, many of them affect the page. For example "Better Facebook" breaks this extension.

Une application FaceBook pour obtenir un fichier CSV de la liste de vos amis FaceBook. Puis importer ce fichier dans vos contacts Google
  1. Open up the Friends to Gmail webapp. It is located at: http://www.friendstogmail.com/
  2. Click « Connect with Facebook » and type in your Facebook username and password (if not already logged in) to connect your account. Allow Friends to Gmail to access your basic information and your friends’ information.
  3. Open up Microsoft Excel, or another program that can save comma-separated values (.csv) files. Paste everything in the box into a new document.
  4. Save the document as facebook.csv in a place you will remember. Make sure to select « All Files » for document type so it’s not saved as a text file.
  5. Log in to your Gmail account. On the left-hand menu, select « Contacts » and then « Import Contacts ».
  6. In the box that pops up, choose the facebook.csv file to import. You may want to create a new group called « Facebook Friends » or « Imported from Facebook » for these contacts.
  7. All of your friends should successfully import, and now you can organize them with Google+!
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